LABYRINTH GALAXY is truly a game for everybody.
Guide the Jupiter around the maze to reach the Rainbow-hole but be careful of BW-holes, the Jupiter must not drop at any of the BW-holes. Cool game that utilizes the iPhone’s accelerometer.

With 4 Modes (1) Standard (2) Memory  (3) Flashlight  (4) Action

Labyrinth Galaxy is awesome!
Considered by many the best puzzle game ever made for the iPhone! Automatic saving of games – always come back to the game right where you left it!
Not really a Classic Labyrinth, but “LABYRINTH GALAXY” will give you some reasons to rack your brains, for sure and for fun :) Memory and Action modes is NOT EASY.?? Absolute addictive game play – everyone playing this game will confirm:

it’s one of the most addictive puzzle games on the App Store


• Easy-to-use Puzzle

• Four exciting game modes, Standard, Memory, Action, Flashlight

• Stunning visual effects

• Original Soundtrack$

• Endless fun
Support:?If you have any technical problems please email us at
***** If you like Labyrinth galaxy, please rate it 5-stars in iTunes (every time) an update comes out! As always, your 5-star iTunes ratings and reviews keep the updates coming! Thanks for playing Labyrinth Galaxy!! *****

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