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Kick the Zombies are coming, They are aggressive and ugly . Drop incoming zombies as fast as you can.You must kill all pink pigs although they are sweet.
, Kick the Zombies, is one of the most addictive Action games on the App Store.

In this game you need to have a fast mind and a fast finger.
It is a cool game. It is good for everyone (also kids ) who are not very conversant with the other controls of the different types of games.It is fun and entertaining. A good way to spend your leisure. It is easy to play and understand.

Start playing it with your kids and enjoy the game with your family.

Kick the Zombies is a game that will keep you tapping away all day!

*you can compete with other players via Game Center.*

Absolute addictive game play – everyone playing this game will confirm: it’s one of the most addictive Action games on the App Store

The terrain is very carefully designed and it makes the game more enjoy.

Once you pop,you can’t stop!
Have great fun gamers.

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As always, your 5-star iTunes ratings and reviews keep the updates coming!
Thanks for playing Kick the Zombies!!

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